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LK Medical has provided high-quality educations for nurse students, professional nurses, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, biomedical analysts and physicians on regular basis since 1995. 

Clinical trials

LK Medical acts as Swedish agent in clinical trial monitoring for several international pharmaceutical companies and conducts patient home care visits as part of clinical trials. We coordinate and perform patient home visits as part of ongoing clinical trials with the ambition to make patient participation easy, convenient and safe. LK Medical works with contracted Registered Nurses throughout Sweden and can offer professional consultants to carry out patient home care visits as part of clinical trial monitoring. All of our consultants are experienced Registered Nurses with specialised medical and clinical knowledge in areas relevant to respective clinical trials. Common tasks related to patient home care visits comprise clinical evaluations and checkups, blood samples, IMP administrations, e-CRF work at site, as well as additional assignments. 

Nurse staffing

LK Medical has a small but very experienced set of Registered Nurses who carry out assignments on behalf of customers at hospitals, primary care and nursing homes. Among our Nurses, you will find extensive experience in fields of cardiology, thoracic surgery, endocrinology, pulmonary medicine, emergency rooms, ambulance, ICU, geriatrics and more. 

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